Save thousands of $ when upgrading your switch board

Do you want to spending thousands of dollars rebuilding because of an electrical fire that is very preventable?

Did you know that 90% of house fires are from electrical fires that can be prevented by acting today?

If you have an older switchboard, generally you’ll have overcrowding of fuses that can become loose over time and cause not only wire faults but can lead to electrical fires.

The drawdown of power from our new age appliances on our ever-aging electrical systems, means we need more capacity in the switch board to prevent blown fuses and a high level of protection.

Following today’s standards all circuits need an RCD (residual current protection) which should trip, cutting off all power when a fault has been detected from either our appliances and/or the electrical wiring.

A new switch board is aesthetically pleasing and gives you confidence that your electrical switch board is no longer the hazard it once was.

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switchboard upgrade

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